Heimat comes with a premium suite of products designed to help you sell your original artwork, get more visibility, and everything in between. Take your career to the next level now.

Build your social portfolio

Unlike a traditional design portfolio, when you share your work on Heimat Community, your work gets seen. Heimat Community is show and tell for artists.

Find art projects and commissions

You’ll get access to our exclusive freelance project and commission board.

Opportunity to become Heimat Artists

Invite-only curated selection of Heimat’s top professional creative talent, ranging from emerging artists to established. We chamption and represent our talent to brands, agencies, publishers, and collectors.

“Whether you’re a bigger artist or just developing, Heimat for Artists helps you find your work be discovered.

- Angela Kim
ARTIST & Co-founder

Sell Your Work Online & Get Paid monthly (Heimat Artist Only)

As a Heimat artist you can sell your unique original artwork to our member collectors through your very own storefront.  If collectors purchase your work in installments, you get paid every month.You own your artwork until it's fully paid off, and we guarantee payments.


Freedom from likes

Find art projects

You’ll get access to our exclusive freelance project board. 

Discover tomorrow’s art, today

A place to discover new perspectives, and share your own. 

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